Thursday, May 5, 2011

What were we thinking?

The more time I spend at the house the more it grows on me. I find myself excited about going back to work in the morning. We started digging up the garden and we'll go buy plants and seeds tomorrow.


So what color should we paint it? I am flirting with a dark charcoal with white trim and a red door but after walking to Starbucks to get a snack we spotted two or three with that color scheme. So I was thinking of a honey colored wood or even yellow for the front door. It is more period to be two tone but I would like to do just one color. I will be collecting photos of interesting color schemes to try. Right now there is enough to keep us busy on the inside and in the garden so we'll wait to paint the outside.


"Master Bedroom"

Living room



From living room to hallway

Looks out to the neighbours wall

Paint on the floor from previous owners

Linoleum undone


Phone sanctuary

Aparently this was for the phone too

Still some period details

Archways in the Bathroom

Ironing board with original cover

Another Sanctuary for the cooking oils

Archway for the Fridge

Kitchen, still has original handles

 What color to paint the cupboards? I like my kitchens and bathrooms white. This color is so period though. I love the steel trim. We both agree it would be really hard to get rid of this kitchen. I am thinking a good cleaning and new paint on the cupboards and new appliances and a linoleum floor with a cool checkerboard pattern would be all it needs.

The Nook

Backyard patio

Grandma and Keaton in the garden

Our midcentury chairs waiting to go in

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