Friday, May 6, 2011

What we did today

Grandma dug in the Garden. Peter ripped out the other ugly grey rug and scraped all the paint splatters in all the rooms and hallway. Turns out there is a lot of prep for refinishing the floors. Next we have to make sure there aren't any nails sticking up. Hopefully we can sand it soon. We found a tool rental place nearby. We both agreed that we wan't the floors to be uniform as possible. Problem is the rooms and hallway are dark red fir and the livingroom is honey colored oak. We were thinking about a few options, a white finish,  a dark walnut or honey colored or the dark red. We won't know how they will turn out untill the first coat. I'm scared. There are things that are already there and it seems like the house is telling us to go one way but our vision is something else.

Later Grandma and I went to Gardenworks, and bought plants for the garden. It was amazing! Such a scene. I sense that gardening is very competitive. You could spot some Shaunessy Types with their lists. We ended up getting some vegetables, and herbs and we scoped out some hedges. We are late in the season so some things had to be started already. But we got some seeds as well. Thank God that Grandma is an amazing Gardener so she will hold my hand through all this having planned many many gardens before.

We are thinking about doing an all white garden in the front. My favourite flowers are Hydrangeas, if I can get them in white it would be great or just one in a nice pot. I also am hoping to plant lots of tall Lavender because it smells great and it repels the bugs in the back yard. Grandma is going to give us some of her Japenese Maples so we would do a small cluster of them in the front. We can't go too crazy until we paint the house.

That's the thing about renos is that you have to be careful what order you do things in cause you could ruin something or have to redo it later. I wanted to get the air ducts cleaned but there's no use untill we are finished the floors.

Here are the pictures from today.
Keatons room

Keatons Room looking out to the garage

Keaton's floor

Fir Floors


There's a hole in my door so I covered it with this sticker

Paint Scheme

Grandma's Work
Vegetables will go along the side of the fence and then herbs in the planter


Peter hard at work scraping the floor

Master Bedroom sans ugly stained carpet

Can I Help?

Entrance at Gardenworks

Can I have these? Just like that in a stack with the pink flowers.

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