Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Conquering the root

So excited about the Hydrangea my Mum in Law got for us. It can take full sun! My dream is coming true. I can have my favourite flower! The front gets quite a bit of sun and since Hydrangeas can't take full sun that made them out of the running. We got it at Southlands Nursery. On their website Celebrity Gardener Thomas Hobbs has his blog as well check it out. When Grandma brought it home I jumped up and down with joy. Something is going right!

Watson Gloves have been a big part of our gardening experience. They are a local company who use to have warehouse/ factory on west second and Main st in Vancouver. They have moved but still seem to be going strong since 1918! They really seem to have a glove for everything that you need gloves for.

Planter of Dahlia's on the front stoop

Wearing My Watson Gloves I conquer the root of the tree

We are at a bit of a standtill. Tomorrow I hope the refinishers can help us resolve our floor problems. It hasn't been hell but it feels like sooo much work for one and a half of us to do. Peter is exhausted and he's been doing most of the work while I take care of Keaton, sometimes I can switch off with Grandma. Sometimes she entertains herself but mostly when I put her down she cries. We tried to let her cry it out today, in a corral that we built for her and even though she could see us working at the front of the garden she still screamed and cried for what seemed like an hour. My nerves rattling I did what I could. I was helping dig out the flower beds that go along the front and along the walkway. So I took her in the back to thin out the seedlings but she wouldn't settle down. Emphezema Man came out and coughed and she went quite then she fell asleep on me for another hour.

Oh the drudgery of sanding. I keep sneaking off to check my email or write a few lines for the next post.
Even with KCRW Eclectic 24 blasting all the latest tunes. I feel like I want to run away.

We had Dimitri over to give a quote on redoing the floors for us. He's also going to take off the crud in the kitchen so we can lay the tile. It's going to be 5 days and $2100. Damn! I think it's pretty good. He's also going to do the 1/4 round for us if we want it. Who knew we would have to decide on coloring the 1/4 round same as the floor or same as the base board. These crazy little details drive me mad. I use to have detail oriented on my resume and I have since taken that off.

I am so inlove with this idea so is Peter
Absolutely have to execute this in our upstairs bathroom. I'll post the cabinet that we currently have and you'll see that this is much better.

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