Sunday, May 8, 2011

"Everything I want Doesn't Exist or is too Expensive" or "Fir Is Dead"

"Fir is Dead" is what Peter wanted as the title of the post today. But I found that "Everything I want doesn't exist or is too expensive" was the theme of my day. We bought some pieces of flooring Fir and Oak to repair holes in the floors in the livingroom and the bedroom. We have to get a few more pieces but so far it's going well. The previous owners had driled holes in the floor to run the TV cable up from the basement instead of running it through the walls. There are a lot of stupid moves like that, lots of unfinished and very sloppy work. Peter found that the pieces of Fir were extremely difficult to work with and shattered into pieces when it was sawed.

Today I tried out the Italia Bakery on Hastings and Slocan. It was really good. We got some sandwhiches and canolli and some pizza for tomorrow and some pasta and salami to snack on. We are so lucky that the food shopping is spectacular in this neighbourhood. I have it all within a few blocks. Donald's Market has everything I use to drive all over town for, there are a few deli's I am looking to try and a couple of restaurants as well, The Roundel Cafe and The Red Wagon Cafe.

Tomorrow we rent the Floor Sander!!!! Scary stuff. We are going to A&B Tool Rentals. We are having trouble getting the stain we want. It also is about 10 bucks cheaper to buy in the states. So far we have about 3 reasons to go down there. The Stain, Minwax's White Pickling Stain, and the Neutra-esque House Numbers and this cabinet refinishing kit called Rustoleum that's supposed to help us restore and paint our cabinets.
Before we get the stain we have to talk to an expert about our delemna which is we have two different colours of wood and how do we make them as uniform as possible? Is it possible???

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