Friday, May 13, 2011

How to Shop at Home Depot

This story of a sad dirty little bungalow is now a sad, dirty, PEE STAINED little bungalow. We noticed these stains on the wall on the front door, in the hall, both bedrooms at ankle height and I remembered that the owner's daughter who was living in the house had a flopsy mopsy little toy dog that was probably a boy and was marking his teritory inside the house! Ugh!!! We'll be tsp'ing the walls for sure before we paint.

This is turning into a Home Depot Reno because there is one on the way to the house. It seems we go there everyday or twice a day sometimes. So we have formulated a few tips for shopping there.

Ask where it is, it's faster than trying to find it yourself.

Park near and Enter through the exit because that's where you'll be anyways when you're done

Don't take no for an answer. We asked about VCT tile for our kitchen and the dude said they don't carry it anymore. Then we asked if there is someone who does instillation and again they said no. I even think this was the same location we go to. So today we asked someone else the same question in the flooring department and she led us to what looked like three pallets full of our VCT tile and yes they can order it and yes they can install it. Hah! Take that!

After two days of back breaking work sanding the floors we applied the stain today, the jury is still out on whether it will look good. Tomorrow we have some touch ups and then we'll apply the urethane. Not sure what plan B will be if we decide it doesn't look good. We're just soldiering on.

After this the kitchen floor will be next. I really like the kitchen, the layout and the vintage tile and cupboards. A new floor and new appliances and paint is all we would need. I can live with the appliances for now but a new floor and a good coat of paint will go a long way. We are looking to get some of the old tile beneathe the lino tested for asbestos. If the test is negative we can dispose of everything easily enough. If there is Asbestos, we have to wet it down when we tear it out and then double bag it and label it it Asbestos tile when we take it to the dump and there will be fees obviously.

We are going to have a professional do this with us because of the time crunch and they are insisting on a subfloor and we want it done really welll. It's a good thing we talked to a pro flooring guy because we were going to just lay it on top and that wont work very well. We are still getting quotes. We need about 200 sq ft done and the price is coming in between 6-700 bucks so far.

It's overwhelming all the details, I just have to stay with the job that's infront of me. Tomorrow we are going to the Vancouver Heritage Foundation Salvage Sale. So exciting! I hope we find a front door. They left us with this plastic one that I can't stand!

Thumbs up Reno!

Great place in the kitchen to put Mom's ashes, now she can watch over us

We just swept, too dusty to take a flash photo

Can't remember which room this is

Look what we found in our Rag Box! T Shirt Remnants from H&M

Cracking open another can of Stain in Keaton's Room

Starting the living room Oak floor

I married a hottie

Sacrificed a pair of Tom's Shoes for this job

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