Saturday, May 7, 2011

Jack's is my new happy place

We went to Jack's New and Used in Burnaby. I fell in love with it. The Restore is great but Jack's is like that place Sarah Richardson goes to in Toronto when she needs to find a vintage tub or sink.
Here are some of the things I flirted with. Some didn't go with the house but I thought they would be cool If I could figure out how to use them.

Jack's entrance

Cool Toilet

Green Gates

We are flirting with this range hood

Street Lights

Fence railings

Old fashioned door


Love this door, it's a contender


These look so cool

Door Handles

More Door Handles


I really want this lamp for the outside lamp out front

SOmeone had bought the door I really wanted

We need some extra seating in our livingroom. These would be great. 50's Theatre seats

Garden Bench

Here's my street lamp again.


  1. I am enjoying your blog. I love the Burnaby store I'll check it out sometime. How did the white washed/ white stained floors turn out?

  2. Thank You so much for reading and enjoying! The floors are a bust. See later posts. My Father in Law HATED them with a capital H. Floor Refinishers are coming on Tuesday to give us a quote on a re-do. That'll be interesting!