Friday, May 27, 2011

Hate in the walls

I found a new piece of graffitti, in the mudroom in the corner about eye level. Scrawled in the walls HATE. Peter has promised that he will sand it out. I have to wonder who did this and why? I certainly don't want to preserve it in the walls by painting over it. We'll sand it off.
Not much progress to report. We phoned an electrician and he put us off for about three weeks so now we have another guy coming on Monday to look over the basement and give us a quote.
Dimitri will start the refinishing of the floors on Monday as well so in the meantime we continue with the drudgery of painting prep. Everything is going to get so dusty so there's no point in painting untill the floors are done. We'll either start with the bathroom or the kitchen after it's sanded.
We are behind schedule. It's official. We had to keep the storage and we have continue to impose on my In Laws by staying with them.

Trying to accent the creamy yellow on this accent tile 
We have ordered the tile from AAA Flooring. Finally we chose some colors. My good friend Tara had a point to accent the things we like in the kitchen. Which would be this creamy yellow on this accent tile. So I took our paint chip of Cloud White and tried to match it and then chose another yellow as an accent

Tiles we chose for the kitchen floor , yellow looks brighter in photo. The offwhite matches the cloud white

To be installed by AAA flooring

Paint testers of lemony ice, deocrator white and cloud white from Benjamin Moore

Begining the hedges and the flower bed is even wider now

Music system

We found these in a dumpster, six of them! Plus a table. They're not to my taste but hey they're fine for now. they would be about $30 bucks new.

New Gate by Murray

Waiting for planting in new flower beds in the front yard
Rest of the Boxwood hedges, Lavender, Heather, Ornamental Grasses and shrubs for the front yard

Double ended tomatoes, tumblers are on the top

Trying to reseed the grass with this stuff but it's not working.
We think these are tire tracks from when the oil tank was removed.

Zuchinis , Shallots and Marigolds

Cucumber and Strawberries to the right

Peppermint, Cilantro, Oregano, Parsley, Lavender, Parsley, Rosemary
Found these light strings at Restoration Hardware

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