Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Better the mistake you can change than the one you have to live with

It's official we are redoing the floors. We made too many mistakes that we can't cover up with more coats of stain. It's not the right product for what we are doing and it's not the right effect. A friend pointed out to me that the floor in the picture is different wood than what we are working with. So we have to come up with a plan B. We are going to talk to a professional about redoing them for us. We are terrified of the cost. We'll find out tomorrow. Needless to say we are pretty bummed out about it. But hey, we'll have a great story to tell everyone about the house. Talking to other renovators they say we'll never be done. I know that but we aren't changing anything major, it's mostly cosmetic, floors and paint upstairs and the basement is getting new electrical and the rental suite is getting insulation a fireproof door and drywall and a new coat of paint, new carpet in the bedroom as well. I think we'll be done phase one by the fall. Moving in to sleep there seems like it may get delayed a few weeks. It's the 17th already.

There are a few design decisions that have to be made probably tomorrow. The new color of the floors and the paint colors for the walls and the kitchen cupboards. I'm so afraid I am going to make the wrong decision. I've made many before especially with paint colors. Usually by choosing mistints to start. I bought a can of Ralph Lauren paint. It was yellow. I hoped it was a beautiful creamy butter yellow but it actually turned out to be this violent acid yellow like French's mustard. I lived with it for years because this was the third color I had tried in the room and I was tired of painting. Peter repainted it for me as a surprise when I was away for a week on tour with a show.  I can apreciate design and I am told I have good taste but I can't design a space and choose colors.

We are admiting defeat. For the redo I was thinking about chocolate brown. My father in law says we should do a honey oak color. Peter is still not sure.

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  1. I'm really enjoying your blog, Laura. I am renovating vicariously through you. I vote for chocolate brown! What? We're not voting? Oh, okay. I think you have great taste and I know whatever you choose will be beautiful.