Thursday, May 19, 2011


What we are doing is not remarkable and this certainly is NOT HGTV. This is real life, we have no money and are severely under-employed and we make mistakes. One thing we see on TV and when we were househunting is that money doesn't buy you taste.
We are a little stuck right now waiting for tradesmen to get back to us and if they are good they are busy so we are at their mercy. So we are prepping to paint and that is 90% of the work of painting. Caulking, spackling, taping, sanding. The whole house will be painted upstairs and down so it's a huge amount of prep. We also have started tearing out the floor in the kitchen.
It's all about having the right tool for the job I am finding. We will probably rent an electric chisel thing to rip off the lino and glue. Then get the drum sander to do the rest. I am still pulling for the downstairs kitchen floor to be done as well.
Today we went to Dick's Lumber. Lots of good stuff but very intimidating. We think they are use to dealing with Contractors rather than the General Public. Prices were good but they are not as helpful when it comes to finding things. There was a pink suede tool belt that I was dying to get cause I like to dress pro.
Fake it till ya Make it! I always say.

I walked by the Electra Building the other day and snapped these photos. I love the tile and the look of the building. I heard the suites were really small, like 500 sq feet some of them. The Electra Website

I would love a tile wall like this somewhere in my back yard

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