Sunday, May 15, 2011

Paris 1975

So tired!

Forgot to mention yesterday we went dumpster dumping (Our demo waste from the basement) and diving. Someone threw out a perfectly good patio suite. We got six chairs and a table. And we also snagged an interior door. I was pricing chairs at home depot today and they start at 30 dollars. While they are not to my taste. I am sure we will use them because I plan on having people over a lot!! Especially to dine al fresco. I can't wait. For years we've not had people over because our place was small and crowded or we were embarassed so we always said we'd like to make you dinner at your place. Now we can return the favour of so many dinners over at our friends. We don't have to worry about our hostile upstairs neighbour getting pissed off if we have loud music or if we're making too much noise. Yay!

Today we mostly worked on the basement suite. We are hoping to rent by July at least. The suite was not bad but we have to redo most of the electrical downstairs and we also found that the ceiling was not insulated and no smoke alarms so we can sound proof and fireproof the ceiling and walls. We also have to replace the doors and build a wall. But we have to finish the upstairs first so we can move in and then move out of Grandma's and the storage spaceby the end of this month. I don't want to leave Grandma's. Everything is better here.

We found a french coin in the ceiling. Perhaps this is was a rec room to start, then redone poorly by the son as a rental suite.

I have pulled about a thousand nails out of this ceiling. Would Mike Holmes hire me after this? I have a feeling that if you are just starting out in this business that this is the job for the apprentices.

Pissed off about the weather. It means that Keaton has to stay at Grandma's and we can't do much in the garden. Going to plant some bamboo in a couple of pots so it will grow high and hide the smoking emphezema man from next door. He smiles at us but otherwise he just coughs and smokes and spits on our lawn.

You can see the fantstic wiring job they did. 

Uhhh what were we thinking????

Watch out Thor! Peter has a hammer too!

See the floor that the bastard was too lazy to glue down. Maaaybe we'll get it tiled while the upstairs kitchen is getting done. At least it will be easy to rip out.

I just wanted you to see some of the nails that we have to take out so the Electrician can work comfortably. Then we will insulate and sound proof and then drywall with the fireproof drywall amd hard wire the smoke alarms. House doesn't have any.

Looking from the downstairs kitchen window to the garden while it was almost sunnny today

This is what I arrived to this morning

Downstairs kitchen demo

Bye bye downstairs bedroom carpet

I remember seeing this when we first toured the house. My Father in Law wonders why we didn't keep the tenants who were friends of the family.

Some of the nice graffiti in the basement suite

Second coat on the livingroom floor
It looks better but still doesn't look like the pictures. Not sure what we should of done. Maybe another coat. Nobody sells the stain here, we'd have to wait a week for them to order it or whip down to Home Depot in Bellingham and get a few more cans. Will it all come together when we varnish? Which varnish would be best for having a dog run all over it? Whatever they have done at my In Law's is what we need cause their floor doesn't show any wear and tear from Pepper.

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