Thursday, May 5, 2011

Two People who love each other but don't know what they're doing try to restore a 1948 Bungalow in East Vancouver

We are two self employed workers for the film industry in Vancouver. It's "Feast or Famine" mostly famine these days due to a strike or tax incentives not high enough, the Canadian dollar is too high blah blah blah....

We were living in the perfect apartment with below market rent and we thought we'd be there forever until our family swelled to include our baby girl Keaton and our crazy lab x Pepper. So we started to flirt with the idea of getting a bigger place.

First we looked at some two bedrooms to rent and alot of them were smaller than what we had already and we thought if we were going to pay double the rent we wanted to pay into something that would hold it's value. So we came up with a plan. We decided to sell the land that was left to me by my mother. It was a beautiful place but somewhat remote. When I lived there I hated it and couldn't wait to leave. I imagined my daughter feeling the same way. There was also nothing for us to do for work. It was torture having this land and not having the money to build the house of our dreams.

When my mother in law heard of my decision she offered to help us get on the property ladder sooner rather than wait for the property to sell, if that magic place popped up.  We looked all through the summer and then into the fall well over 60 houses and that was after we got our smart and saavy Realtor Ira Gordon Collins of The Harris Realestate Group. We should of gotten him sooner than we did because we missed out on a few opportunities.

After 60 or so houses Ira got a scoop on a house that might be coming up for sale but wasn't listed yet. We were to drive by and if we liked it we would arrange a showing. We went to see it and there was a nother couple with a baby looking at the house and I just wrote it off because I didn't want to get into competion with anyone. So I didn't have a good look at it. Then we kept looking and by this time the market was going berserk, line ups for open houses, 17 offers and things going 150,000 over asking. We couldn't compete. So My Mother In Law convinced us to reconsider the bungalow. We asked Ira to call them back and see if it was still available and so it was. He didn't want to call after calling them to tell them we were going to pass. But god love him he did. The other couple was going through a divorce and passed on it as well. So We made an offer, went back and forth a few times and got an accepted offer for a private sale. Two months later we move in. It was like a blind date, we couldn't plan or buy anything until we got into the house. They had made some effort to clean up but left us with some things they thought were useful to them or too lazy to get rid of. See my posts later about cleaning
and getting rid of the garbage.

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