Saturday, May 14, 2011

I'm absolutely Knackered

This actually turned out to be a productive day but now it's about 10:30pm and I can barely sit up to write. So this will be short and sweet.

We went to the Salvage Sale and it was very very busy. I think it was a huge success for them. We got there half an hour after opening and Keaton fell asleep in the car on the way there so only one of us could go in at a time. Unfortunately there was nothing that worked on our house. I was kind of hoping that we would find a cool front door or a fireplace insert but no such luck. So we went to the ReStore and found a pocket door for the downstairs suite. We can leave it there for a week but somehow we have to figure out how to get it home.

When we got to the house Grandma was there and she had bought us some hedging and she was digging away in the back parking spot. She's decided that we can grow potatoes in the back, they'll get enough sun. I started digging a trench so the water could drain into it rather than flood the garage and the rest of the garden. It's really annoying this rain right now because we want to be outside and bring Keaton and the dog and let them hang out in the yard while we work. The vegetables and seeds are almost planted in the back. Soon we can start working the front and improving the curb appeal. I have no idea what to do but Grandma, Thank God is an expert Gardener and she's got a plan. It includes some ornamental grasses and boxwood and japenese maples and some gravel and rocks. Can't wait.

Meanwhile Peter has started to tear out the walls in the downstairs suite plus the ceiling. We have to redo the electrical and possibly relocate the sub panel. When that is down we will insulate with either spray foam or the pink stuff that will be sound proof and then use the fire proof drywall. We are redoing the bathroom. There is a light switch next to the tub and some exposed wiring and pipes. We also need to put a fan in and hardwire some smoke alarms. Exciting huh?

The stain on the floors didn't look that great. So we thought we would do a second coat. So far Peter did the livingroom and it's looking much more like we had hoped it would. I can't wait to see it tomorrow.
I'll post photos later.

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