Sunday, May 22, 2011

Today's Cuteness

We are at a standing point with the wood floors till the Floor Refinsher Guy comes to have a look and give us a quote on Tuesday. So we soldier on with the kitchen floor and the prep for painting and as always the garden has a million things for us to do. It keeps raining though, good I don't have to water but bad for letting Keaton sit and play.

Some of today's highlights:

The electric floor scraper, $10 cheaper to rent from A&B Tool Rental. They gave us two new blades to have on hand and they actually made the job go faster. My Father in Law said it was heavy and you still had to put some oomph in it.

Now that the lino is gone we have to scrape the crud off this floor

Father in Law Murray helping us with the electric floor scraper

Waiting for planting


Buh Bye Shrub

We are going to do as much of the front as we can and finish the rest after we paint the house. The colors of the house are still up for debate. I wanted to do a dark charcoal but there is a black house with red accents across the street and a couple down. I wanted white trim and then a red or yellow door so that would be different. But there is a dark navy with white trim and red doors down the street as well. Just don't want to copy someone who is close by. 

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