Saturday, July 23, 2011

And We're In!

1st night staying at the house and I want to do everything! Have a cup of tea, a glass of wine on the patio
 ( Peter is out tonight of all nights ) have a friend over, yak on the phone etc. Instead I skip dinner and keep running around unpacking and making lists.

I had another tough session with Jada my "Simplifyer". I am exhausted. I had to try to get rid of 50% of my wardrobe. All my dresser drawers are full and I have another trunk load of clothes coming over from Grandma's. What am I gonna do?

She had some amazing ideas for organization, really really amazing. I can't wait to impliment them. For instance, we have this old ironing board cupboard and it is the perfect size for our canned goods. It will free up so much room in the pantry.

It's really going to be so wonderful to live like this. I am finding it easier let go of things and rather than give a long explanation about where I got it and how it makes me feel I just say toss or keep. Then we go through everything again to find that I have 19 short sleeved striped shirts and I have to keep culling. This really will be a transformation.

I'm not use to the sounds here, inside and outside. I noticed that the neighbours putter endlessly in the garden, go in and out of the two side doors. They also go through my recycling when I put it out and they get more and more brazen each week. First, I put it out and walked to the back of the garden to get a hose and just as I land at the bottom of the garden and start watering the vegetables he was rummaging through it. Was he watching me? The following week I had barely put it down and he was behind me. I ignored him because I was going to finish putting it down damn it! I don't know why it bugs me so much. I feel kind of territorial about it. Silly Silly Silly....

Here is a picture from the old apartment. I have gotten rid of over 200 pieces since this was taken and I still have to get rid of more. I don't know what makes me feel more sick. Having this much stuff or getting rid of it. All I know is the feeling I have after purging the clothes and clutter is much better.

My closet at the apartment at it's worst

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