Sunday, November 13, 2011

Slooow Down There Little Pookie!

We could not be going slower. Some of this is my fault and some of it is just life. I'm so sorry to drop the ball like this. We or rather Peter has been doing the basement. He's the "One Man Renovation Show". It's been excrutiating for all of us involved. Nothing worthy to write or take pictures of. Just the drudgery. I should go down and take some photos because it will be a great contrast for when it's finished. It will be a nice generous one bedroom with good light. So for now here are some upstairs photos.  They are not professionally staged and you may see some of the clutter creeping back in. But hey, like I said this aint HGTV. It's real reno real time.

From the bathroom to kitchen

Hours of Good Clean Fun!

My little pookie warshing the dishes

Keaton's Reading Chair

Play Table

Keaton's kitchen area




bedroom I got a padded headboard for my Birthday


I love me a sweedish bulb

More Keaton's room

spice rack o my dreams

Mud room

Thanks for your patience! We'll be back up and running soon! I promise.

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