Saturday, December 10, 2011

It's a Christmas post I forgot to publish

Just found this new on line bi monthly digital magazine Gray. It features Pacific Northwest Design. For the first time ever I found a spread that fits me to a T. "The New Glamorous". So me! Sigh...I don't have the money or space to do this in our house yet but when I do. I'll post it here.
Things are going tickity boo down stairs. I have another set of photos to share. It beginning to look like Christmas and while Keaton is sleeping I am itching to go up to the store and see if there are any christmasy bits to get for our tree. It's our first in our new house and I am soooo happy that we are not in the old place anymore. Between the malevolent presence of ex-friend upstairs and an Eyore for a downstairs neighbor. It was a depression sandwich. So even though we are close to financial ruin things are waaay better over here in East Van for Christmas 2011.

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