Saturday, July 16, 2011

Inches Away

We are inches away from finishing the kitchen cupboards. Peter read about using Rustoleum on the Retro Renovation Blog. So while we were in Belingham at the start of all this we got a kit. You have a choice of a "light" or a "dark" kit. We chose light because we wanted to match the light lemon yellow in the accent tile. I also didn't want to go all white for the cupboards for some reason.
By leaving the store we made two mistakes. 1st you have to get the kit tinted and also we should of gotten the bigger kit. We are having to get real creative here to stretch the amount that came with our kit. I had the brilliant idea to get it tinted at our Benjamin Moore where we've been getting all our paint. They were only too happy to oblige. Unfortunately they mistinted one of the quarts. So we got a quart of tinted primer and a quart of flat tinted to our chosen shade. So far it's working but we haven't put the final coat on yet. Hopefully tonight!

It seems that we will never get out from under the boxes. I am up against a lot of blocks, emotional ones about how much stuff we have. As a gift to myself I hired a professional to help me declutter and organize. We did a marathon 6 hour session. I'm still recovering but it really inspred me to keep going with this. We have two more sessions booked and I think I'll keep going till the whole house and garage are done. Jada calls herself the "Head Simplifyer" at Nitty Gritty. She also does home staging and I found her to have great ideas for lay out which is something I really struggle with. So far I have a good pile of stuff for my garage sale and then I will donate whatever is left over to Miscellany - Thrift Store which is in my hood and the proceeds go to women's programs.
Bedroom in progress

Ikea curtains that go really well with the livingroom rug etc

Kitchen mess

Nice light that came with the house

Out of the ashes comes a cute little vignette

Boxes everywhere

Boxes in the dinning nook

Kitchen in progress

Scored this from my favorite vintage store, not sure where it's gonna go

So in love with the lamp

Just need to get rid of the extra chain and cord

Peter hung the schoolhouse lamp

We'd thought we'd use this side table for her to use as an art table

Keaton's Room

Keaton's Room

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  1. I worked with Jada recently, she is amazing. I highly recommend Nitty Gritty. Your place looks so great Laura - and I love the yellow telephone.