Thursday, June 2, 2011

Professionals for a reason

Yay! We got the floors done. It took three days.  But damn! They are sexy! I really really think so. The color of the two woods aren't really close and I think the fir took to the stain more than the oak. But the color turned out exactly as I pictured plus you can still see the grain and the inlay on the oak side which is what Peter wanted.  Now the walls look like sh*t! We have to paint! There is something stupid going on with the soft ware that is screwing with my format and I can't get the pictures to line up. I have been fighting with it for hours and I'm too tired to do it again. So I'm posting it anyways. 
Oak Before

Testing the fir

Testing the oak
We chose the darker color in the centre

Testing the oak
It looks like machine marks on the floor but that is just the sawdust pattern from the machine. There was also this big black spot that wouldn't go away and apparently it was cat pee. They like to go in the same spot. The guys got it out.

Fir floors before Peter sanded them

Keaton's Room

 You can see the bruising on the floor in Keatons room. Fir is really soft and bruises.
Oak floor with white stain, um ...... not as sexy
Peter, just before he laid down the paper for painting.

Between the Oak and the Fir

Hallway before Peter Sanded

Peter would want you to know that Dinitri (who redid the floors) said that Peter didn't do that bad of a job sanding, he'd seen a lot worse.

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