Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My New Happy Place

My new happy place is now my garden and Northwest Landscape and Stone Supply. Grandma took me there so we could get a stepping stone to put at the foot of our stairs for the Postie and other people could step over the flower bed with out wrecking things.

Let the planting begin!

Grandma gave us a couple of dwarf Maples. Notice next door is shut up tight like fort knox with all those bars!

The white flowers were being thrown out so we took them and planted them.

Some Cosmos and Elijiah Blue Grass 

Horrible day for gardening it was

Northwest Landscape and Stone Supply my new favourite place

Look what you can buy for your yard or fountain or whatever

All these different stones!

I kinda liked these

I liked these but the were 4200 dollars for the gate set up

Here's our little step stone, it was buried under a few layers of rock

Bins of gravel and pots etc as far as the eye can see

Heavily flirting with the Birdbath here

But I like these too

And some of these, especially the acorn squash ones back left

Balls! Love them but too formal for our place

Stuff for fountains

I fell in love with this owl. I got one for the front garden. Thought it would update our look to the 70's

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